Quanzhou JinLi Diamond Cutting Tools Co.,Ltd was established in 1989. It is specialized in manufacturing diamond tools for drilling, slicing, cutting and grinding hard materials such as granite, marble, concrete, asphalt, ceramic and other construction materials. The company was pointed by the Ministry of Construction Materials of China as base manufacturer for a serial exporting diamond tools.
  The company owns a new technique Research and Development Center, which introduced advanced sandwich formula from Italy, developed first super-thin diamond saw blade (ф400〜2.4mm) in China, and now is focusing on developing all kinds of laser welded diamond tools and gang saw segments. The quality of its products reaches the advanced level of Italy and stands leading position in Chinese research and innovation of tools for super-hard materials. So it is well renowned for its supreme quality of sharpness, durability and stability in diamond segment and circular blades.
  With perfect service, the company is a major supplier to most of the largest manufacturers and distributors in United States, Canada, Switzerland, Egypt, Iran, India, Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong etc.

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